The Original Glove Saver Pocket Ball

The Remora Glove Saver Pocket Ball is the only system that uses actual baseballs and softballs to maintain the shape of the pocket in the glove. Our patented system incorporates the ball and strap into one unit.


Baseball Size

Baseball Pocket Ball is great for breaking in brand new gloves.
Also used for keeping shape of pocket on smaller gloves and for those who like a small pocket in their glove.

12" Softball Size

The 12 inch Softball is used to maintain the shape of pocket on larger glove. It can also be used on smaller gloves for those who like to keep the pocket of the glove larger and shallower.

14" Softball Size

The 14 inch Softball is used to maintain the shape of broken in gloves. Keeps pocket and glove open on most infield sized gloves and creates a large pocket on an outfield glove.

The 15 Second Solution