The GSPB System

The Remora Glove Saver Pocket Ball is the only system that uses actual baseballs and softballs to maintain the shape of the pocket in the glove. Our patented system incorporates the ball and strap into one unit.

Protecting our investment

Our gloves our tools of our trade. Let’s treat them with respect and keep them in the best shape we can. Whether you have a $50 or $350 glove, the glove saver pocket ball by remora sports will help protect that investment. The pocket in our glove is one of the most important elements. Our patented ball and strap system incorporates an actual ball, whether it is a baseball, 12 inch softball or 14 inch oversize softball. We use actual balls for 2 reasons. First, we believe that the actual ball is better for retaining the shape of the pocket. Secondly, it prevents the glove from collapsing while stored in an equipment bag. Since the ball and strap are connected, when you pull the strap through the web it pulls the ball deep in the pocket, wrap the glove and the ball is secure in the pocket. Now the pocket in the glove is being protected while not in use. We invest a lot of money on our gloves. Go to and start protecting your investment now.

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